Travis Scott Reportedly Takes Plea Deal In Riot Case

Rapper Travis Scott has pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct following his arrest at a concert in Arkansas nine months ago. During one of Scott’s concerts in May 2017, the rapper was arrested after allegedly inciting a riot resulting in the endangerment of a minor.  A spokesman for the Arkansas Rogers Police Department said that during the concert, Scott  “encouraged people to rush the stage and bypass security protocols to ensure concert goer safety.” Scott’s attorney, Doug Norwood, explained that even though the rapper pleaded guilty to the two misdemeanors he was charged with, the charges were dismissed through plea negotiations in January and the charge for disorderly conduct is hoped to be expunged from the rapper’s record. Scott’s guilty plea came after the news that his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, revealed the name of their daughter in her first shared photo of their baby on Instagram. 

Travis Scott Pleads Guilty to Disorderly Conduct Related to Concert Riot


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