Lil Wayne & Lil Pump Bring The Bounce On “Be Like Me”

Lil Pump & Lil Wayne never asked to be role models.

It’s a veritable “Lil” fest on the latest Harverd Dropout single. Lil Pump and Lil Wayne may be separated by a vast stylistic canyon, but somehow, fate has brought them together. “Be Like Me” finds them taking to a bouncy instrumental, minimalist in its arrangement but ultimately prime to be destroyed by any capable emcee. As it happens, Pump offers up an admirable effort, though he admittedly hits cruise control for the most part. “Everybody want to be like Ye, And everybody wanna be like Ye, everybody wanna go and smash Kim K,” he raps. “You can talk shit about me everyday, but I’m still rich at the end of the day.”

Luckily, Wayne wastes little time in setting the course, galvanizing the track with an impressive verse. “You followin’ my lead, my chopper isn’t clean, and Lil Pump, he got the pump, I got the M-16,” spits Wayne. “My pockets stuffy, they gon’ need some antihistamine, n***s always bit the steez, the bitches never bit the D.” At the very least, Wayne’s flow constructs are dynamic, and while it doesn’t take much to steal the spotlight from Pump, the effort remains appreciated nevertheless.

Keep an eye out for Harverd Dropout, arriving tomorrow. The project features Offset, Lil Wayne, Quavo, Lil Uzi Vert, and more.

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