Tyga Taps YG & Blueface To Call Out “Bop” Women

Summer smash or nah?

Once again, Tyga has delivered yet another catchy single that we can only imagine will soon become its own meme. After teasing the song for some time, Tyga released “Bop” featuring YG and Blueface on Friday morning. The trio is set to drop the accompanying music video later on this morning, but for now, fans are enjoying the Mustard-produced track that tears apart trashy women who don’t seem to have their lives together. However, Blueface delivers the last verse where he makes it clear that he loves thots, so he, personally, doesn’t mind a bop or two. All this right in the middle of Hot Girl Summer.Meanwhile, Tyga hyped the single by sharing a phone number on Instagram for fans to text if they wanted to get first-look access to the forthcoming music video. It’s highly unlikely they were actually his digits, but the possibility made fans dial away ferociously. Check out “Bop” and let us know what you think.


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