Keke Palmer Addresses The Drought With New “Twerk N Flirt” Single

Keke previews new album with “Twerk N Flirt.”

While she’s busy exercising her acting chops, slated to star alongside Jennifer Lopez in the forthcoming Hustlers film, Keke Palmer returns to the booth to share her latest “Twerk N Flirt” single.

The fun new track is the first we’ve heard since 2018’s “Better To Be Loved” single and arrives as the latest meetup with Keke’s preferred producer Tasha Catour, who also recently revealed that the multihyphenate’s new album had been submitted for distribution.

All the while, the new acting gigs and music also pair with Palmer’s new deal to become a co-guest host on ABC’s the Good Morning America spin-off Strahan and Sara. A hot girl summer, indeed.

Get into “Twerk N Flirt” down below.


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