Snoop Dogg Pays Homage To Suge Knight On “Let Bygones Be Bygones”

Snoop Dogg comes through with a surprising and heartfelt tribute to Suge Knight.

“Me and Suge Knight cool as a motherfucka,” begins Snoop, in the opening moments of “Let Bygones Be Bygones.” “But I had to get that cool. I had to sit down with Suge.” What follows is a trip down memory lane in which Snoop reflects over some reflective production, looking back on his Death Row heyday. “That n***a picked n***as up,” spits Snoop, speaking about his former rival Suge Knight. “Gang bang on NY stages, hittin’ n***as up, ya’ll remember that? Yeah he did some bullshit, I’m admitting that.” Curiously, his bars come days removed from the 1995 Source Awards, a premium showcase for some of Suge’s most notorious antics.

“I was at the motherfuckin’ top,” continues Big Snoop. “When I hit my n***a and said you need to grab Pac.” And the rest was history, was it not? As Snoop tells it, it might not have gone down at all, were it not for Suge. “This man changed my life,” he admits. “Shit. We made history together, I’m talking about real history.” Given everything that has transpired between both parties, it’s surprising to see Snoop come forward with such an emotional tribute. Yet the Doggfather has been all about keeping it one hundred, especially when it comes to his place in hip-hop’s historical timeline. And as he approaches his fiftieth birthday, what better time to do as his latest track’s namesake suggests?


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