Weekend Update, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Jeff Epstein, WNBA and more.

Top of week, welcome to the ride.  Is Naked and Afraid Radio possible?  Weekend Update is here and someone finally leaves the house.  Complaints has Deacon Junior speaking in his MLK voice, Uber and more.  Jeffrey Epstein was found dead from an apparent suicide and Cuba Gooding Jr. will be going to trial in his case.  Serena Williams withdraws from Roger Cup Finals due to back injury.  Vanessa Bell Calloway calls the show to speak about Saints and Sinners Season 4.  Mississippi ICE detains over 680 illegal immigrants and Trump’s companies have been called into question as well.  We also have the most overworked US cities and why.  Apparently passes are not the only things being thrown (hands) in the WNBA.  Today in Closing Remarks, The CEO explains why you should not go looking for happiness in the same spot you lost it and more.

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