Rick Ross Taps A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie & Denzel Curry For “Running the Streets”

Rick Ross ain’t coming home for dinner tonight.

Rick Ross‘ “Running the Streets” is a perfect storm of blended scotch. Rozay seldom disappoints as the husky tenor, A Boogie Da Hoogie in his syncopated sweet spot, and Denzel Curry, within a half-second of breaking his record-setting pace. Rozay isn’t too stringent about the song construction either. He doesn’t force house slippers upon his guests. In fact, he doesn’t even answer the door wearing a shirt.

“Running the Streets” is everything that is effortless about Ross’ sweet-sweet cadence. His general inactivity (in recent times) came at an incalculable cost- like a forlorn lover who doesn’t learn about “absence” until it rears its ugly head. “Running the Streets” like everything else cordial on Port of Miami 2 – is a statement of purpose.

Without Rozay in the fold, the streets were without one of their central soothing agents. Nothing ages better than Wagyu beef or Rick Ross’ musical imprint. MMG lives on to tell the tale, of a thousand beasts, in the mellowest of tones. Hit us with your thoughts, down below.


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