Tee Grizzley’s Car Shot Up, Manager Killed in Shooting: Report

Tee Grizzley has reportedly been involved in a fatal shooting.

According to a report TMZ published Wednesday afternoon (Aug. 21), a gunman opened fire on the Detroit rapper‘s Cadillac Escalade on Tuesday night and his aunt, 41-year-old Jobina Brown, was hit with multiple bullets as she sat in the backseat. She later died. Brown reportedly worked as Tee Grizzley’s manager.

The shooter reportedly approached the vehicle as Tee Grizzley was getting out of the front passenger’s seat. The gunman made his approach on foot, and law enforcement sources say the driver heard Brown scream just before three or four shots were fired.

It’s unknown whether or not Tee Grizzley was targeted in the shooting. Neither he nor the person driving the car was hit during the attack. The rapper has yet to address the matter on social media.

XXL has reached out to Tee Grizzley’s camp for comment on the situation.

People from across hip-hop have stepped forward to show support for Tee Grizzley. See what hip-hop is saying below.


tee grizzley’s manager & aunt passed away in that shooting, if he goes too, this is gonna be even more heartbreaking than it already is

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