Happy Labor Day, Church Complaints, Vacation VS Pay Raise, When To Shut Up and more

Happy Labor Day y’all! Today’s show is dedicated to those with unpleasant voices. Mississippi Monica, where you at? Studies show that crying during a job interview actually increases your chances of getting hired and The CEO does a reenactment. Apparently there is a woman that is pregnant with 32 kids and is in need of sponsors for each of them in The Jackpot Joint of Jerusalem. We ask the single fellas on the show if dating is easier because of being on the radio. Is paid vacation more desired than a pay raise or nah? Fool #2 murders another one in the spirit of Charlie Wilson. Junior is here with Truth Be Told and inside this segment we see how bad news is dealt with. We all have the RIGHT to remain silent and we see why in Comedy Roulette. Today’s Sand and Soul replay has The Labor Day Special available to those that call 1 (800) 684-2825. Time is running out. Inside Closing Remarks, we hear Uncle Steve tell us that God did not bring us this far just to leave us and why.

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