Church Complaints, Robert DeNiro, Amber Guyger, Dave Chappelle and more.

Welcome to ride and good morning everybody.  Nothing ruins the weekend like a Monday.  Let’s just say Steve had a good weekend because the Cleveland Browns won.  Today in Church Complaints, money is discussed along with the diabetics complaining about the sweet tea.  Rev. Adnoid is in for Deacon Def Jam.  Saturday Night Live had a field day with all the political issues in the country today.  Robert De Niro had some choice words about Donald Trump.  Amber Guyger’s murder trial gets more complicated.  Steve finally sees Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special and is praising it from beginning to end.  History was made on Master Chef with the first black woman to win!  Today in Closing Remarks, The CEO reflects on things being said and how certain individuals are treated differently and more.

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