Boosie Badazz Turned “Dreams To Reality”

Dreams do come true

Boosie Badazz has come a long way, and he makes sure to let that be known on “Dreams To Reality.” The single, which is featured on his latest effort, Talk That Shitis a banger. Hypnotizing guitar licks swirl around hard-hitting drums and create the dopest backdrop for Boosie to do what the title of his album implies. Boosie chronicles his life moves and also takes a moment to brag about those he has left in his dust.The chorus on “Dreams To Reality” is one of the most memorable on the project. Boosie lays a melody down over the beat that mimics it, and creates a catchy punch that fans will love. Boosie also uses a slower flow on the verses that depends on the downbeat. The creeping flow slows the song down a bit, but “Dreams To Reality” still feels like it ends prematurely.


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