H.E.R. Taps Pop Smoke, Chris Brown, & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie On “Slide Remix”

H.E.R. calls in a few favors for a star-studded remix.

Though a remix can occasionally feel like a half-hearted attempt at reviving a fading song, some revisited versions can actually improve upon the original. In the case of H.E.R.’s star-studded remix to “Slide,” which features the added talents of Pop Smoke, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, and Chris Brown, the jury is still out. Kicking things off is Pop Smoke, who delivers an interesting flow while declaring once and for all that romance is dead; “I’m just trying to fuck, not make love,” he raps. “If you’re trying to have some kids, that’s a dub.”

A Boogie holds it down for the second verse, smattering his lyrics with the occasional dose of generosity. “I don’t want you to ever feel embarrassed
So I bought you some baguettes, I bought you some karats,” he raps, though he soon realizes he might be moving too fast. Closing things out is Breezy, who comes full swing with the dad-jokes, nay, dad pick up lines: “Bad bitches, cut ’em loose, they tryna take that spot from you, told her, “I’m tryna cuff,” she said, “I don’t see no cop in you.” With a diminished overall presence from the Grammy Nominated H.E.R. and Y.G.’s notable absence, is “Slide Remix” an improvement over the original?


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