Lil Nas X Finds “C7osure (You Like)” In The Most Unexpected Way

Lil Nas X closes up shop with a dust buster of a doily.

When Lil Nas X committed himself to produce the first of many collective works since debuting “Old Town Road,” the deep-lying question of who this project should address, if anyone at all, lingered for months on end. In the moments since his Seven EP went to press, that question remains unanswered, and likely figures to remain as such, so long as X maintains his shapeshifting formula.Seven is riddled with intrinsic elements, but only the 7th and closing number does a unifying thread begin to emerge (for the EP as a whole). On the aptly-titled “C7osure (You Like)” triumphantly tells his newly formed fan base of his plan to never solidify a plan. The staccato effect of the song’s “unforeseen rhythm” is arguably several years ahead of schedule. Tell me, if you entered an “Old Town Road,” did you leave the proceedings, having left a callback number?