Post Malone Is “On The Road” With Meek Mill & Lil Baby

Never fold

Post Malone came through with Hollywood’s Bleeding this week, blessing his fans with new music. It has yet to be discerned whether or not Hollywood’s Bleeding will be heralded like his last project, but so far, fans seem to be enjoying the album. A standout track on the project that caught my attention is “On The Road,” featuring Meek Mill and Lil Baby. Malone, Meek, and Lil Baby make a great team, each loaning something different to the energy of the track.Post comes in first with this customary harmonic musings while Meek keeps it hood for the second verse. Lil Baby cleans the song up at the end, while Post carries out chorus duties. Although the single is somewhat slow and moody, it still has an upbeat swing mixed in there that keeps your head nodding in satisfaction.