Jhené Aiko Calls On Ex Big Sean For Spurned “None of Your Concern” Single

The former couple collaborates once again with additional vocals by Ty Dolla $ign.

Her “Triggered (freestyle)” made fans think that Jhené Aiko was spilling out her heart over her break-up with Big Sean. The song was so emotional that the rapper faced backlash on social media from those who accused him of all sorts of unverified accusations, causing Jhené to come forward in her ex’s defense.

The former couple have maintained one of the healthiest ex-relationship friendships as they continue to spend time and collaborate with one another. Jhené recently popped up on Sean’s single “Single Again” where he discussed the need to remove romance from his life in order to work on himself. In a sort of response, or at least the perspective of the other person involved, Jhené has released “None of Your Concern” where she shares how she’s feeling about the break-up. Sean comes in near the end of the track to spit a few bars on how he can’t stop thinking about her, further confusing the public about what’s truly going on with these two. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.