Weekend Review, Frozen 2, AMA’s, Ray J, Thanksgiving Conversations and more

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Today’s show is dedicated to the grateful. We are back in Dallas baby! Uncle Steve has a black gold story. The Jackpot Joint of Jerusalem has an impeachment hearing for Pastor Motown. We have the highlights of the AMA’s and talk about Frozen 2 in Entertainment News. Today we kick off The Steve Harvey Morning Show Turkey Giveaway. The giving is countrywide with our affiliates. Have your ever heard irrelevant Thanksgiving conversations? Turkey Day is the biggest overeating holiday and we have a list of the necessary side dishes. The NFL fined Mason Rudolph for fighting with Cleveland. Is it smart to beef with your significant other on social media over strippers and escorts or nah? Today in Closing Remarks, Steve talks about God’s unmerited favor and so much more.