Facebook Show, Church Complaints, Truthful New Years Resolutions, MTH and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Steve is fired up and funky. New Year, New Decade and New Family. Let’s get it. Huge shout out to our new station WUBU-FM in South Bend, Indiana. Uncle Steve and J. Anthony Brown have a story about Indiana. The first Church Complaints of the year is no less ignut. Uncle Steve has a brand new show with Facebook. One of our soldiers made a viral video about peace and positivity. Fool #2 talks about folks real new years resolutions. J. Anthony Brown murders another one just for Cowboys fans. New England is out of Steve is still at the core a Cleveland fan as the crew talk about the NFL Playoffs. Trump will be in NOLA on January 13th. Today in Closing Remarks, The CEO speaks to us about a new commitment in 2020, plus much more.