Olivia Returns After 8 Years With Single “Join Me” & Announces New EP

She’s excited to reignite her career.

The former First Lady of G-Unit has returned with new music. It’s been a while since Olivia has shared tunes with the world as she’s been quiet for years. Her vocals were added to hits like 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop” and “So Amazing,” but Olivia’s career never reached the heights that she’d hoped. She had a short, controversial stint on Love & Hip Hop New York during the show’s inception, and now, nearly a decade since she released her last album, the singer is back with her single “Join Me.””After a long hiatus, I am HAPPY AF to share my newest single, ‘JOIN ME’ from my upcoming album, PRESSURE,” Olivia shared on Instagram. “It is just a sample of what’s to come. This EP is my most transparent project to date. My inspiration is drawn from personal experience where I endured life’s highs and lows, love, loss, and found the strength to rebuild. I am back to having fun again with my creative process and it definitely shows in this record. The goal of this project is for my fans and new listeners to connect with, have fun with and draw strength, joy and pure emotion from lyrics