Ask Steve, Kobe and GiGi, Carla’s Reality Update, Sheryl Underwood and more

Good morning and welcome to the ride! It’s showtime and it’s that time of the day! Steve got a full schedule ahead. Let’s go! Steve answers questions about stupidity, marriage and more. Kobe and Gianna have been privately laid to rest. Their memorial will be on 2/24/20 at Staples Center. Myles Garrett of the Cleveland Browns has be reinstated by the NFL. Snoop Dogg issues a public apology to Gayle King. Sheryl Underwood talks about Bernie, Biden, Junior and more. Miss Carla covers Real Housewives of Atlanta in Reality Update. A few HBCU’s are having drama as of late. Today in Closing Remarks, Uncle Steve shares with us the importance of HBCU’s and so much more.