Do you have enough toilet paper on hand? This calculator can help you decide

Of all the things people are choosing to hoard during the coronavirus pandemic, toilet paper is the one we hear about most often.

BlitzResults, an interactive educational website, has created an online toilet paper calculator. It factors in the number of rolls you have on hand and the number of bathroom visits per day in the household and calculates how long your supply will last.

For example, if you have eight rolls of toilet paper and use the bathroom six times in a day, the calculator says that you have enough toilet paper for 21 days.

The images of the toilet paper rolls on the site look like standard rolls, not the giant ones that you can buy.

In most cases, people overestimate their toilet paper needs, Tim Lilling from said in a press release. “We hope to use the calculator to solve a current problem in an amusing way,” he said.

The website notes that it’s not a good idea to use tissues or paper towels as a replacement for toilet paper because they can clog pipes if flushed. If you must resort to those, they should be thrown in the trash.

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