Rihanna Links With PartyNextDoor On His “PARTYMOBILE” Single “Believe It”

PartyNextDoor and Rihanna blends beautifully on the OVO artist’s single “Believe It” from his album “PARTYMOBILE.”

As Rihanna‘s Navy awaits the elusive forthcoming project from the accomplished singer, they’ll be thrilled to see that she makes an appearance on PartyNextDoor‘s recent release. The OVO Sound artist shared his project PARTYMOBILE on Friday (March 27) and fans will have plenty of time to become acquainted with the collection of tracks during this current COVID-19 quarantine.

PARTYMOBILE only hosts three features including looks from Drake, Bad Bunny, and Rihanna. The latter artist is heard lending her vocals to “Believe It,” a song where you’ll find PartyNextDoor confessing his love to his partner. In the lyrics, he admits to breaking trust and wants to know if he’ll be punished forever or if they’ll be able to move forward while leaving the drama behind. Rihanna adds her smooth sounds to the mix, making for a delightful collaboration. Let us know what you think.