Electric scooters are finally on their way

 The City of Waco hopes to have Blue Duck electric scooters available for rental in the downtown area by the end of June.

Blue Duck’s Megan McNamara says the company is waiting on final paperwork from the city to launch the program.

City officials announced on June 2 they were expecting the Blue Duck Scooters to arrive in the middle of the month, but now Waco Metropolitan Planning Organization Senior Planner Chelsea Phlegar says the hope is to get the scooters by the end of the month.

McNamara says one of the benefits of their company is that they offer more job opportunities for local residents.

“We always hire full-time local employees, our local team identifies deployment zones and they will drop off the scooters in the morning and pick them up before their shift ends,” McNamara said.

With the COVID-19 pandemic in mind, Blue Duck Scooters plans to do what it can to prevent the spread of the virus.

“We have a new local team that will disinfect the scooter multiple times a day and that’s something we are committed to doing while we are in that COVID timeframe,” McNamara said.

The City of Waco has been working to launch an electric scooter program in the downtown area for nearly two years.