Artists paint eye-catching murals to promote face masks

Some Waco artists are creating eye-catching murals to promote face masks.

As a part of the Waco Safe Campaign, Creative Waco has partnered with the artists to create the murals.

Creative Waco Executive Director Fiona Bond said murals are planned for at least 15 sites around the city.

“This is a really fun way of conveying that message on the walls of business all across our community, the ones that care about getting back to business,” Bond said.

“The only way we can do that is if we can prevent spread of the coronavirus.”

Some of the artists are current and former Waco ISD students who were hired to paint murals on the windows of the administration building and their art teacher Hope Gereghty could not be prouder.

“I am really proud to work with leaders that are feeding into our fine arts so much that they are letting it do on the admin building. I don’t have to go to work wondering if we are supported in my department,” Gereghty said.

Gereghty says the artists had to come up with ideas and pitch them to a board before they were hired to execute their murals.

Each artist added a personal touch to the message.

One showcases a ninja and one advises to “let our eyes do the talking”.

“You can still communicate with your eyes, you can still smile while keeping others safe,” Waco ISD student Tahlia Tran said.