2021 NFL Draft: Order for non-playoff teams set, Dolphins secure top five pick from Houston

The NFL Playoffs are set in stone and that means the 2021 NFL Draft order for non-playoff teams is also set.

The Jaguars will presumably select Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence at No. 1 overall so the conversation really opens at No. 2 overall. Will the Jets take a quarterback or move forward with Sam Darnold? Interestingly enough, the three teams picking at the top of the order also have a second first-round pick.

The story leading up to the draft will be the quarterbacks and where they are selected. Teams often move up in the order to secure the right to select a quarterback so it could be a year of intrigue trying to decipher which teams might trade up. The Patriots could be a surprise team in the teens looking to draft a quarterback. There were rumors a few years ago that they might attempt to trade up for Baker Mayfield.

There was a lot of discussion about the Eagles and their antics on Sunday Night Football impacting the draft order. By losing, they moved up three spots in the order. Could they be a surprise team in the market for a quarterback? Offensive line, cornerback, linebacker and wide receiver are some of the other positions that could pique the interest of general manager Howie Roseman.

There is a lot of time to debate these situations that could occur but the speculation has been taken out of the draft order.

Here is the official order for April’s draft:

Jaguars (1-15)
Jets (2-14)
Dolphins (via HOU) (4-12)
Falcons (4-12)
Bengals (4-11-1)
Eagles (4-11-1)
Lions (5-11)
Panthers (5-11)
Broncos (5-11)
Cowboys (6-10)
Giants (6-10)
49ers (6-10)
Chargers (7-9)
Vikings (7-9)
Patriots (7-9)
Cardinals (8-8)
Raiders (8-8)
Dolphins (10-6)
19-32 to be determined after the playoffs