Kyrie Irving Found Partying Amid Nets’ Disappearance

Kyrie Irving reportedly missed the last three games to party with his sister and father for their birthdays.
Kyrie Irving, star player for the Brooklyn Nets, has been missing from the last three games on the schedule due to “personal reasons”. The cryptic nature of his absence has been dissected by numerous NBA insiders, some of whom reported that he was partying with Drake in Toronto. However, those reports appear to have been false.

Twitter investigator @WorldWideWob took a look into a viral video that has been circulating, reportedly showing Kyrie at a party over the weekend. Wob came to the conclusion that, after taking a deep dive into the facts and falsities of the images, Kyrie was actually in New Jersey with his father and sister, celebrating their birthdays, which take place on January 11 and January 12, respectively. His sister, Asia Irving, is celebrating her thirtieth birthday, and she seemingly planned a big party for her family and friends, which was the video in question.

From the looks of these videos, the event appears to have happened recently. However, much like James Harden at the beginning of the season, the NBA will likely investigate this matter internally to determine whether Irving needs to quarantine himself for even longer before resuming the season.

The Nets are supposed to gear up against the Nuggets tonight, but it’s likely that Kyrie Irving will be missing in action for the fourth straight game because of his partying.