GoFundMe set up for Belton High School Football player hospitalized after house fire

Family and friends of a Belton High Football player are reaching out to the community after he was hospitalized when the home he shared with his grandfather burned down.

The fire broke out in their Belton home at 3:30 am Wednesday morning, a fire that left 16-year-old Justin Booth hospitalized with third-degree burns to his face and hands.

Justin lives with his grandfather but his parents who live in the house next door quickly sprung into action.

”I noticed a glow coming from my bedroom window and looked out the window and noticed the whole back of the house was totally engulfed in flames,” said Eddie Booth, Justin’s Father.

After banging on his father-in-law’s window to wake him up, Justin’s father went around to the front of the house to get in and find Justin.

”I kicked the door open, my son was laying in the hallway, feet towards the door, had passed out, drug him out by his feet. He regained consciousness as soon as he got out.” said Booth.

Justin and his Grandfather made it out but now friends are trying to help them cover his medical bills and rebuild with a GoFundMe Page.

”Having to be out of town at a burn center and also all the medical bills and unexpected and unplanned for expenses that come along with a tragedy like this,” said Eddie Booth, Justin’s Father.

Family and friends agree that something like this couldn’t have happened to a better kid.

”Justin is just such a loving kid. He’s friends with all kinds of kids. He’s not a bully, he’s just not the typical teenager that I’ve been around,” said Lovett.

People have been donating money for clothes for Justin but his Dad and Grandfather need a different kind of help. They need help with the cleanup of the house that is almost completely burned to the ground.

”We’ve got A bunch of mess to clean up and it’s going to be a long road but they had no insurance on the house,” said Booth.

Knowing the trauma Justin is going through, they’re trying to get as much of it cleaned up before he gets out of the hospital but, they need help with machinery and manpower to get it done.