Rick Ross Launches Thighstop To Help Deal With Chicken Wing Shortage

The new venture will help keep parent company Wingstop competitive amid the country-wide chicken wing shortage.
If COVID-19 wasn’t already enough for Americans to deal with, the addition of a mysterious pandemic-related chicken shortage might just do the trick. As previously reported, prices of poultry in the states have gone up tremendously as the supply of chicken decreases and the demand increases.

This has become an issue for retailers across the country who rely on poultry for their business. For Rick Ross, this poses a threat to his Wingstop business venture, selling wings as part of his expansive business portfolio. The rap mogul, who owns 28 Wingstop franchises, will expand the offerings at his 28 franchises to include thighs to deal with the unsuspected shortage.

Thighstop is the newly launched digital brand that allows customers to order thighs for pickup or delivery through Doordash from the website. According to the site, different Thighstop flavors were handcrafted with different sides and dips, and can be selected with or without the bones.

While the new thigh offerings will be available at all of Ross’ locations, it’s part of a company-wide initiative to add the online-only Thighstop to Wingstop’s offering.

“We back outside, and it’s time to take it to the next level,” Ross said in an interview with yahoo sports! about the new venture. “We know how Wingstop perfected wings. Now, just imagine that juiciest part of the meat, and we boss it up, baby.”