DaniLeigh arrested for DUI hit & run in Miami


DaniLeigh was arrested after allegedly hitting someone with her car while driving under the influence. Officers were dispatched to an area in Miami Beach, Florida around 12:53 AM on May 30th, with a police report stating that witnesses observed a gray Mercedes Benz, allegedly driven by DaniLeigh (real name Danielle Curiel), that was traveling at “a high rate of speed and weaving in and out of traffic.”

The report also states that the vehicle “hit a moped (scooter) and continued traveling. The vehicle did not stop or slow down” and that “multiple people attempted to get the driver’s attention and advise her that she was dragging the moped.” Witnesses called 911 and the responding officer initiated a traffic stop on the gray Mercedes; the officer “could smell a strong odor of alcohol emanating from the vehicle” and said that DaniLeigh’s “motor skills [appeared] to be sluggish.” The 28-year-old DaniLeigh claimed she never hit a motorist and also said she had not consumed any alcoholic beverages; however when the officer initiated a field sobriety test, she “failed to perform to standard” and was arrested. She was later given a breath test, and the report claims her two tests came back with a breath alcohol level of 0.145 and 0.148, well over the limit of 0.08. Her vehicle was impounded, and “during the inventory of the vehicle [an officer] located an open bottle of 1942 Don Julio. There was no alcohol in the bottle.”

Dani faces three felony charges: driving under the influence, leaving a scene of a crash with serious bodily injury, and DUI damage to property.

Editorial credit:lev radin / Shutterstock.com